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Jaguar E-Pace

Words by Edgar Daily

A speedy SUV with top tech credentials


The roads on the island of Corsica are among the best in Europe for spirited driving. It’s no wonder the Rally of Corsica is so popular on the WRC calendar and here we were, punting a four-cylinder SUV along with great gusto. The Jaguar E-Pace not only looks like a five-door version of the F-Type Coupe on the outside as well as on the inside, but it also drives like one too.

With a choice of five engine options, all four-cylinders comprising three diesels and two petrol options, our test car was the range-topping model that, when combined with its intelligent all-wheel drive system, did the perfect impersonation of bolting like a scalded cat out of corners.

Toggling through driver modes from Eco to Dynamic gave control with individual settings for the throttle, auto transmission ratios, steering and the optional Adaptive Dynamics suspension. This sensed driver input, body and wheel movements and pre-emptively loaded the suspension and chassis to adjust the damping.

Overall though, it felt very much rear-wheel biased except when powering out of tight corners when you could feel the front wheels scramble for traction as it transferred drive to all four wheels.

Jaguar’s SUV range wears the ‘Pace’ badge so the E-Pace sits below the F-Pace and above the yet to be launched I-Pace baby and takes on the likes of the Audi Q3, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC.


Rear View


Interior View

The interior is a mix of Jag and new-gen Range Rover including a 10-inch touchscreen that connects to apps, navigation and vehicle settings including Jaguar’s InControl app. This allows you to keep the vehicle secure by tracking it on your smartphone and automatically alerts emergency services in case of an accident. It also allows you to check fuel levels and mileage remotely and includes a remote start system that lets you set the climate control before walking to the car.

It has a 4G WiFi hotspot for up to eight devices and has five USB ports while another cool feature we first saw on the F-Pace was the waterproof and shockproof wristband Activity Key you wear that lets you lock the main key inside while you go for a jog or a surf.


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