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Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant to form a super team

Words by Nathan Irvine

A new dynasty might be on the horizon.

That sound you hear is the very foundations of the NBA world rocking back and forth. The reason for the seismic shift is because two of the league’s best players Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant could be about to join forces.

Rumour has it that the stars, who play for current NBA finalists Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors respectively, have been talking about moving elsewhere to form a super team.

This is like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo joining the same team. Apple and Microsoft working on new tech together. Or Pepsi and Coca-Cola teaming up for the ultimate sugary drink. It’s a big deal.

Here’s what industry insider, and NBA oracle, Adrian Wojnarowski has to say about this potential dream team.

Coast to coast

This is just white hot speculation for now. But it’s highly likely that current NBA playoffs MVP Kawhi Leonard and two-time NBA championship winner, Kevin Durant have talked about potential landing spots in 2019.

The only three teams that can financially accommodate both are the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets or LA Clippers. Each of these franchise would be propelled into title contention next season.

What’s definitely true is that this off-season’s free agency is about to make the 2018/19 championship a must watch. And there hasn’t been as much hype around switching teams since LeBron James’s now infamous Decision video. We simply can’t wait to see it all unfold.

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