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La Serre review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Seasonal delights at a Dubai favourite.

Spring rarely, if ever, comes to Dubai. We’re a two-season place – summer and slightly hotter summer. But this hasn’t stopped La Serre introducing a spring menu to its line-up.

In the cosy surrounds of the dimly lit French restaurant, we fuss over each tempting dish. One decision is made for us as the starters aren’t available. The thyme smoked foie gras, Josper grilled octopus, and artichoke and sunchoke salad are sold out. Maybe the popularity of the menu caught La Serre off-guard. Regardless, we opt for the deliciously healthy black and white quinoa salad with grilled vegetables and fresh fruit from the main menu.

Assured the rest of the seasonal menu is available we move on to the main event.

We opt for the lamb rack and mushroom risotto for mains. The latter sees Morel mushrooms glazed in butter served with a deep fried egg yolk. Risotto is a notoriously tricky dish to get right, but every mouthful – with the combination of moreish flavours – is a delight.

Dish containing cooked pigeon being drizzled with a brown gravy at La Serre Dubai.


Supplied The rest of La Serre's menu is on point, too.

Sauce code

We’ve always assumed that mint sauce was the ultimate accompaniment to lamb. La Serre tells us otherwise as we’re introduced to an apricot puree that’s the ideal partner for the succulent lamb. It’s dished up with spring peas, which makes it a light dish – a theme that’s present throughout this new menu.

For dessert it’s hazelnut butter roasted pears and a rhubarb meringue. Although both are a fitting end to the meal, especially the bitterness of the rhubarb and sweetness of the meringue coming together for a taste sensation, we do have a small gripe. The pear and rhubarb were a little tough to cut into and chasing them around the plate to slice them was unnecessary.

Still, this minor quibble doesn’t take away from the fact that La Serre’s new menu is a winner. Combining seasonal fruits, vegetables and meats together in a limited, yet impressive menu the end results are not to be missed. Even if the temperatures outside suggest otherwise, you can still get a fantastic taste of spring at La Serre.


Where: Vida Downtown Hotel, Downtown
Contact: +9714 428 6969
Web: https://www.laserre.com

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