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Le coq sportif Le Blazon


Five Reasons To Love Le coq sportif’s Le Blazon Range

Words by Edgar Daily

Le coq sportif creates heraldic minimalism with sleek new Le Blazon sneaker range — to be sold exclusively at Sole DXB this year

Le coq sportif Le Blazon


Le Blazon featuring gules colour patch and French flag colours on the sole

There’s much to be said about the concept of minimalism in fashion and design these days. Some even say that we’re living in the era of minimalism. That may be open to debate. But while the current era, whatever it is, continues producing slick new sneakers like these from French activewear label Le coq sportif, we’ll nod, agree and only ever ask for more of whatever this era of minimalism is. And here’s five reasons we love Le Blazon.

  • Sparing use of colour

While we’re otherwise surrounded by accessories, sneakers and flashing neon signs everywhere we go vying for our attention, the dash of colour here and there on Le Blazon remains tasteful and simple. C’est magnifique.

  • The Coat of Arms

The French are proud of their ancestry (who knew). And it’s replicated in these kicks through the goatskin Coat of Arms that is emblazoned onto the upper heel of the sneaker and the top of the tongue.

  • The Heraldry

The fact that each of these colours stems from the limited heraldic palette — azure, gules, green and black, gold and silver — also adds a touch of history and class. A sure evocation of the good old medieval days when chivalrous French warriors would maraud and conquer as far as the eye could à voir, for sure.

  • The Minimalism

At the risk of repeating ourselves, minimal is beautiful: calm, easy and classic. Le coq sportif let the finer details, like the indented brand name, do all the work by keeping these sneakers a relatively blank canvas.

  • White space

The adage in design circles is that white space is thinking space. If that’s so, Le Blazon would be the sneaker choice of Auguste Rodin (the French sculptor who famously sculpted “the thinker” – classical art reference explained for you there. You’re welcome.)

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