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Lincoln MKC 2019 review

Words by Nathan Irvine

In such a packed marketplace, can the US-brand elevate its classy 2019 MKC above the competition?

During my research ahead of getting behind the wheel of the 2019 Lincoln MKC, I noticed a common theme. The luxury SUV has been continuously slated for having poor acceleration compared to its rivals. So naturally, the first thing I do with my test drive is find out just how sluggish it is.

And, well, this is patently wrong.

Compared to several competitors I’ve had the pleasure of driving recently, the Lincoln MKC feels much quicker. Sure, there’s a brief, nanosecond delay between hammering the pedal and hurtling forwards, but the power is there.

So with that rumour squashed, I dip deeper into what else this 2019 MKC has to offer.

Rear view of white Lincoln MKC 2019 driving across bridge


Supplied There's some serious style in the 2019 MKC



Turbocharged 2.3 litre


285bhp at 5,500rpm


275ft-lbs at 3000 rpm


6-speed automatic

0-100 KMH

7.2 seconds

Top Speed



AED 192,045


Lincoln is renowned for luxury cabins within its fleet, and the MKC 2019 is no exception. The Cappuccino coloured leather seats are a nice contrast to the Magnetic Grey exterior and oozes class. They’re incredibly comfortable, and coupled with the efficient built-in seat fans, there’s no need to worry about sweating out your bodyweight on long drives.

It’s also super-quiet – the vehicle equivalent of a library on wheels. The 2019 MKC is like driving along with ear plugs in, with only a tiny amount of road noise creeping in. This is great, and means you can hear every beat through the impressive THX sound-system.

Elsewhere in tech terms, the MKC 2019 ticks all the usual boxes. Rear-view camera, blind spot detectors and auto-hold will help to keep the car stationary even when stopped on steep hills, all come as standard. The extra technology package offers a few more driver assists. One of which is the pedestrian detection that will prevent mindless people ending up sprawled across your bonnet.

Wing mirror collision indicator on 2019 Lincoln MKC.


Supplied The latest tech will keep you safe and sound.


SUV’s are probably the least attractive cars on the road. Function over style is the usual mantra. But the MKC 2019 has always stood out as one of the prettier ones.

A slight facelift creates more of an aggressive look than before, which I’m immediately drawn to. You might just be nipping to the Carrefour in it, but it’s good to know the car looks like it means business on the way there.



As I said earlier, the 2019 MKC is no slouch, despite the reports to the contrary. It really zips along in a straight line, and watching the front of the car raise up as it hits its stride will always raise a smile.

Hitting the corners is a mixed bag. Although its mostly a sturdy, safe ride on our day-to-day commute, it has a pendulum around sharp turns that makes it feel unstable. Nothing too crazy, but it did make me more cautious as a result – especially on roundabouts.


Interior shot of the Lincoln MKC 2019.


Supplied It doesn't matter what trim you go for, the interiors are still luxurious.


Crossovers don’t come much more fancy than a Lincoln. The initial outlay may be steep for an SUV, but you’re paying for the full package of comfort, safety and power. It’s a combination that’s rarely delivered on all fronts, but Lincoln manages it with aplomb.

And don’t worry, it’s quicker than what you’ve been led to believe.

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