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Mercedes-AMG C43 4Matic Cabriolet review

Words by Nathan Irvine

A Bavarian masterclass.

It’s become a hallmark of the Mercedes-AMG, but the noise of the exhaust still gave us chills when we fired up the engine. The throaty noise of the four tailpipes creates a cacophony. It’s like it’s gargling fire and lets you know this 2019 Mercedes-AMG C43 4Matic Cabriolet is ready to tear up the tarmac.

Sure, it’s a twin-turbo V6 under the hood, rather than a meaty V8 usually associated with AMG, but the acceleration is still impressive. After all, the 385 horses can blast 0-100km/h in a blurry 4.8 seconds. So far, so good then, but what about the rest of the vehicle…

Mercedes C43 interior


Mercedes The futuristic cockpit is a dream.


Tweaks have been made to the cockpit of the 2019 model. It may look all business outside, but the inside is a pure race car experience.

From the figure hugging sports seats to the futuristic dash with a mind-boggling amount of gadgets and gizmos, you’ll get that race day feel every time you get in.

The signature AMG steering wheel adds weight to your dreams of being Lewis Hamilton. Steering itself is ultra-responsive, which means weaving through traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road is far less stressful – almost fun. Almost.

We’re also big fans of the slick buttonless multimedia controls and HD screen that adds a bleeding edge touch inside.

Mercedes C43 Review


Mercedes The C43 with its top off


Since the last version, the C43 has barely changed its looks. This isn’t a bad thing, of course, we’ve always loved the curves and lines of the vehicle. But anyone expecting an overhaul might be disappointed.

The biggest difference can be found with the new round exhausts, which look great.


It’s hard to find fault with the ride in this Merc. There’s a lightness to the vehicle that betrays its looks. Twitch-like steering movements are translated beautifully to road conditions, and makes the C43 feel akin to a go-kart. A large, rather expensive one, obviously.

Our only complaints are that it seems to want to stay in first gear a fraction too long, which ramp up the revs. And when you flick the dynamic vehicle settings to Sport+, the car can get a little jumpy in low speeds.


Minor quibbles aside, we’re impressed that the C43 manages to keep its personality and grunt despite dropping down from a V8 to V6 engine. The twin-turbo keeps it punchy and we had a ball driving it with the top up and down.

It’s a perfect everyday car, and one that future-proofs you for whatever comes next thanks to its litany of cutting-edge features. Quite frankly, the Mercedes AMG C43 is both fun and practical at the same time – a rarity in such a competitive market.


The Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC Cabriolet is available at dealerships now from AED 310,000

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