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Mercedes-AMG S63 4MATIC

Words by Edgar Daily

A luxury makeover includes fragrance settings for a sweet-smelling ride

Please don’t tell me that ‘smell’ is going to be the next big thing in car comfort. Right now the car design world is in the midst of an interior ambient lighting war to see who can out-mood everyone else with rainbow coloured LED lighting but Mercedes-Benz just raised the game with the facelifted S-Class.

While we drove around the Swiss Alps in the range-topping S63 AMG and S560 variants, I noticed the ‘Energising Comfort’ menu which creates an interior ambiance via audio, lighting, seat massage and fragrance settings such as Refresh, Vitality and Joy. It can find tracks in your collection that have the appropriate beats per minute. And now back to the car. The makeover for the S-Class comprises new engines, interior and exterior tweaks as well as enhanced autonomous driving features taken from the E-Class.


The Specs


4.0-litre, V8 twin-turbo


603bhp at 5500rpm


900Nm at 2750rpm


nine-speed auto


3.5 seconds

Top speed



AED 642,880

Its Cruise Control works off GPS and can adjust its speed for corners, intersections and speed limit changes. It feels weird to witness it slow for bends then accelerate on the other side with no driver input. Our test car was the S63 AMG which uses the 4-litre V8, down from 5.5-litres, but is still twin turbocharged and puts out 603bhp and 900Nm of torque. The big news on the engine front however is for a unit we probably won’t see and that’s the new, inline six-cylinder plug-in hybrid that features no drivebelts thanks to electrically powered water pumps, air-con compressors, turbochargers and its alternator incorporated into a 48-volt system with the starter motor.

The S63 doesn’t disappoint, firing like a canon when the right foot is planted. It now uses the nine-speed auto shared with other models, instead of the seven-speed box in the previous version. Leave it in Comfort and it drops three or four gears to fire away but select Sport or Sport+ and it automatically locks out the top two gears as it puts its copious power through all four wheels. Changes inside include a three-spoke steering wheel that’s flat bottomed for the AMG models. The dash has the updated look from the new E-Class by bringing the two 12.3-inch TFT screens together behind one sheet of glass across the dash and what remains the best seats in the business for driver and passengers, front and rear.

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