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Three Netflix Horrors for Halloween

Words by EDGAR Daily

Netflix has unleashed a selection of spine-tingling horror shows and movies that are guaranteed to scare the sh!tflix out of you. We've chosen three Netflix horrors you must see, whether from behind the sofa or through the gaps in your hands as they cover your face.

Viewers watch a hair- and eyebrow-raising 25 million more hours of horror content on Netflix in October compared to the rest of the year. It’s not really surprising considering this is the month of the gaul, the witch and the pumpkin. But still, that’s an obscene amount of finger biting, couch hiding and goosebumping.

So to make sure you get the most out of your increased horror time, we’ve whittled some of the streaming site’s new Halloween releases down to three you can rely on for a good old scare-fest on the sofa.


There’s nothing quite like father and son bonding time. Except there is. Especially when father convinces son to co-conspire in the murder of his mother…

The Haunting of Hill House

Based on the 1959 gothic horror novel by Shirley Jackson, this is ten sixty-minute episodes of “Why would you do thats”, and “Don’t go in theres”, as a group of siblings who grew up in what would become the most haunted house in the country (*dramatic horror music in here), revisit the site of their haunted formative years.


The problem with the horror genre is you know it’s not real. Not the case with this documentary-style series. This is paranormal activity in the real world. Glimpses of first-person accounts from people who have witnessed horrifying, peculiar, extraordinary supernatural events and other unexplained phenomena have you questioning: are we really alone?

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