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Film + TV

Netflix’s November Releases You Should Watch

Words by EDGAR Daily

We’ve chosen three Netflix November picks (pun absolutely intended), so you don’t have to flick and procrastinate before diving into something worth your watching time.

It’s not Christmas, yet. Thank the heavens. So keep the tiresome, overly-sentimental Christmas movies at arms length with three rip-roaring titles sure to have you sunk in your sofa for a good portion of the month.

Outlaw King

Mel Gibson done much to ensure that William Wallace, with a confusing American-Australian slant on the Scottish accent, became the most notable Scottish revolutionary in the country’s history. Little is known about the equally fierce and equally patriotic Robert the Bruce. But Chris Pine’s depiction of the feared Scotsman will do much to add further historical context to the enduring narrative behind the long-held hatred between the two bordering British countries.

Narcos: Mexico

The compelling next chapter in the Narcos franchise that revived global interest in the infamous Pablo Escobar narrative, Narcos: Mexico is compelling because you know how it ends already. This season charts the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel as newly-posted DEA agent Kiki Camarena (played by Michael Pena) begins uncovering information about the group.

Arrow, Season 6

Arrowverse and superhero fans rejoice. The latest season of the Robin Hood wannabe superhero is available in the region. It’s the aftermath of the explosion that destroyed much of the island from the previous season, and arrows are set to fly. This is as much about Oliver’s struggle to balance his various lives: superhero, Mayor and father. A tricky trio if every there was one.

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