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TechIs this the new iPhone XI?

Words by Nathan Irvine

Prototype or mock-up, the latest leak seems to corroborate other sources about the new look iPhone.

Apple is famed for its clandestine approach to upcoming products. Details are usually guarded like the gold bullion at Fort Knox, with employees sworn to secrecy with legally binding NDAs.

But every now and again Apple springs a leak, and a piece of information drips out. And that, as the preamble suggests, is what appears to be the case right now.

The triple camera rumour has swirled for a while, but it seems trusted Apple informer site, Macotakara has corroborated the evidence.

The Japanese site allegedly has an insider at Apple’s Chinese production plant who sent these images of the upcoming iPhone XI…

New iPhone


Macotakara It looks just like the Leica camera from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro

If true, it marks a fairly big departure from Apple’s sleek designs. The chunky triple-cam could well upgrade the image capture abilities of a new handset, but it doesn’t exactly look great.

Obviously, this could all be a ruse. Especially since Apple is supposedly working on a folding phone to compete with its rivals.

We’re convinced of one thing, though – Apple needs to come up with something groundbreaking to halt the skid on global iPhone sales.

The purveyor of bleeding edge technology has allowed its competitors to bite a chunk out of its market share as its innovations stagnate. But we can’t see Apple allowing its next wave of smartphones to arrive with a whimper.

Expect the US giant to come out swinging – ugly camera or not.

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