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TechA New Xbox One Could Arrive Very Soon

Words by Nathan Irvine

A Microsoft mole has speculated that a new console is on the way.

It seems the rumours of a new Xbox One S are gathering pace. According to a Microsoft insider, who spoke to Windows Central, the company is about to launch the console in a matter of months.

In fact, Codename: Xbox Maverick, the digital-only version of the Xbox One S, just might be available globally from May 2019.

Xbox Game Pass


Microsoft The waters have already been tested with the Xbox Game Pass

No discs allowed

Known internally and formally as Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, it will apparently arrive without a disc tray. This means it will rely solely on digital downloads and the Microsoft Game Pass to access games and movies.

It’s all part of the digital future that games companies are determined to drag us into, albeit kicking and screaming. As such, it’s a bit of a gamble from Microsoft.

To bank on users ditching their physical copies in favour of the somewhat flaky technology of cloud gaming, represents risk. But it’s also an opportunity for Microsoft to shape the future of gaming one way or another.

What’s certain is that we’ll find out more once the annual E3 gaming how takes place on June 11.

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