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TechPlayStation 5 release date in 2020?

Words by Nathan Irvine

Possibly with Rockstar Games' GTA 6? Make it happen, Sony.

So the first details of Sony’s PlayStation 5 have been delivered. In an exclusive interview with Wired Sony’s Mark Cerny drip-feeds us with information about what’s in store for Sony’s next-gen console.

Right off the bat, Cerny says it won’t be out in 2019. However, with developers already working with PlayStation 5 test kits for the last four years, it fits the usual cycle to suggest it will launch in 2020.

It’ll be capable of delivering games in eye-blistering 8K and, thankfully, will be able to play all your old PS4 games, too.



Rockstar Games Could GTA 6 be on the way to PS5?


What’s most interesting about the info reveal is Cerny’s revelation that PlayStation 5 will contain an SSD (Solid-State Drive). The bleeding-edge tech will allow developers to change the tropes of gaming forever.

As an example of this Cerny demos Spider-Man on the current PlayStation 4. He talks about how even though Spidey is powered up to the max, you still travel at the same speed in game. But with PlayStation 5 and the SSD providing data in nanoseconds, the web-slinger will travel noticeably quicker. In further layman’s terms, all load times will be reduced dramatically, too.

If our calculations are correct with timings, then don’t be surprised to see the much-anticipated, yet to be announced Grand Theft Auto 6 on PlayStation 5, too. Rockstar Games tend to leave a big chunk of time between game launches, so a 2020, possible launch title, on PS5 works well.

With a new Xbox, Google Stadia and now his fresh info on PlayStation 5 the future of gaming appears to be incredibly bright.

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