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TechPowerbeats Pro will help soundtrack your workouts

Words by Nathan Irvine

Upping the tempo at the gym in more ways than one.

The latest line in bass-pumping earphones have been announced courtesy of Beats by Dre.

Powerbeats Pro are the all singing, all dancing wireless numbers that are built to withstand the harshest of conditions as you train your way to Adonis levels of ripped.

Take a look at how legends in their fields, Simone Biles, Lebron James, Anthony Joshua and more, put them through their paces.

The Powerbeats Pro look great in any of the four colours you choose – navy, ivory, black or moss (pictured above).

They’re adjustable so you can hook them comfortably over your ears. Importantly, they’re water resistant, which means that your sweaty exertions at the gym won’t dampen the sound quality.

Now for the technical stuff.

Powerbeats Pro are fitted with advanced Bluetooth technology, which means you can wander further away from your music player and still hear your carefully-curated playlist.

They have up to nine hours of charge at full capacity. And, brilliantly, if the battery is dead you can use a five minute power blast in the charging case, to gain 1.5 hours life.

And with clever sensors that detect when they’re in our out of your ears, the music will play or pause accordingly.

There’s no release date as yet, but Apple’s website has them priced at AED 949.

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