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Pro Facial at Nova Clinic review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Serious facial recognition.

When it comes to facial treatments, the latest talk of the town involves a technique that’s rather unique. Pro Facial, as its called, rids your face of all the impurities that you may have. From surface imperfections to deep-pore problems – the Pro Facial is supposed to fix them all. So we went along to Dubai’s Nova Clinic to find out if this new approach is the real deal or just another fad.

So what’s it like? Well, imagine having your face vacuumed. No, not with an industrial strength room cleaner from the likes of Dyson, but with a small pen like sucker that glides across your face. It works with a combination of suction and face cleansing serums that are applied to the skin at the same time. There’s also ultrasound and radio frequency wands used to rejuvenate the skin completely.

Pro facial treatment taking place at the Nova Clinic Dubai.


Supplied The Pro Facial in action.

Suck it up

Sitting in the treatment chair, it’s hard not to notice the Pro Facial machine. It’s like a huge mobile science lab with vials of liquids and bizarre looking accessories attached. Don’t worry though; the treatment is completely non-invasive, as the therapist reassures me.

As the vacuum pen lands, I can feel it gently lift the skin and there’s a satisfying pop as it releases it again. The noise of the machine is initially a little intimidating, but it soon becomes background noise as I slip into full relaxation mode.

For the trickier areas, the pen is applied with a little more pressure. It’s not painful in the slightest, and ensures that the tougher spots are cleansed. With any stubborn spots, the therapist expertly performed manual extractions.

My favourite part about Pro Facial is that it combines a number of different treatments in the 60-minute session. As well as exfoliating and hydrating the skin, it also clears blocked pores, stimulates skin cells and collagen that smooth out the skin and encourages better blood circulation.

When it’s over, you’re left with noticeably fresher skin that comes with a healthy glow. I could even feel the benefits of the deep cleanse working the following day. So it seems the Pro Facial is the real deal, after all.


The Pro Facial treatment starts at AED 600.

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