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Qua Spa at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai review

Words by Nathan Irvine

All hail relaxation.

You can judge a good spa treatment by how many times you fall asleep during it. Well, at least I do. In 110 minutes at the luxurious Qua Spa at Caesars Bluewaters Dubai I dozed off three times. On each occasion I woke with a nasally snore and a creeping sense of embarrassment.

I went along to try ‘The Back Masque’. This is a signature treatment for men that combines a back, shoulders and head massage with a thorough facial. It also uses Gentlemen’s Tonic products, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the triple A experience you deserve.

Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai treatment room.


Supplied An example of the treatment rooms at Qua Spa.

Heavy duty

Although the aforementioned sleepiness kicked in at points, it certainly wasn’t during the back massage part. On the form you fill in before you head through to the dimly lit treatment rooms, I ticked ‘strong’ for the pressure type I required.

My back and shoulders were stiff from being hunched over the keyboard five days per week like Golem from Lord of the Rings. So the deep tissue massage which my masseuse served up expertly was just what I needed. It’s hard to drift off to sleep when you can feel the knots in your back popping like bubble wrap. But the mild pain was more than worth it for a back that has never felt so free of aches before.

Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai quartz bed.


Supplied Quartz bed treatments are also available.

Dream scenario

Onto the facial, and it’s a completely different story. Full relaxation is almost an immediate reaction as the head massage is administered with some soothing oils. The pores are opened up with some steam ahead of any spots or blackheads that may need extracting. And as much as I’d love to describe this process, I fell into a slumber.

What I can tell you is that my face felt incredibly fresh, clean and practically glowing. As I was advised to keep the products on my skin, my face felt revitalised long into the night.

At first glance, AED 700 seems a bit steep. But with almost two hours of treatments amd access to the pool, sauna and steam rooms, it’s a small price to pay for complete relaxation at one of the best spas around. The deep sleep is worth the cost alone.

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