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Tech and Gaming

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch delayed

Words by Nathan Irvine

The device is cracking up. Literally.

Uh-oh. It seems Samsung is paying the price for being the trailblazer of foldable devices. The South Korean brand has delayed the global launches of its Galaxy Fold after early reviewers reported that the screens seem to crack far too easily.

The $1,980 (approximately AED 7,300) device that acts as a phone and a fold out tablet, has a litany of problems attached to it…

  • Debris getting stuck in the hinge
  • Screens cracking with very little pressure
  • Protective layer coming away and ruining the display

As reputed tech site Engadget says in its review, “it’s a lot of money for a prototype”. Ouch.

Samsung Galaxy Fold


Samsung Its display does look great... without the cracks

False start

So if not on April 26, when will the Samsung Galaxy Fold start to roll out? Well, the official line from the company suggests May. Ambiguous mails went out to those that pre-ordered saying ‘a new date will be announced in the coming weeks’.

“We want our customers to have the best experience possible which is why,” reads the Samsung email.  “After initial feedback, we have decided to delay the release of the category-changing Galaxy Fold to make sure it measures up to the high standards we know you expect from us.” it concludes.

Let’s just hope that the next Galaxy Folds off the production line are far more durable. For now, we’ll be keeping hold of our pre-order cash.

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