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TechSamsung Galaxy Fold: The Future of Smartphones?

Words by Nathan Irvine

The South Korean tech giant is the first to reveal a foldable handset

So the rumours were true – Samsung has actually been working on a foldable smartphone. Since 2011, the South Korean tech company has teased us with visions of its flexible screen prototypes. And at it’s annual Unpacked event in San Francisco, on February 20, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Fold.


Firstly, it definitely looks great. When folded, you can use the front screen as you would any other smartphone – make calls, access the internet, take pictures and the like. Open it up, and Galaxy Fold instantly transforms into a ‘phablet’ with an impressive 7.3″ AMOLED display.

It comes with three cameras – cover, rear triple and front dual – for all your photo needs. A whopping 512GB storage (but sadly, no Micro SD slot). And, in a genius move, the ability to act as a wireless charging dock so you can charge your other devices on it.

In short, Samsung believes the Galaxy Fold – and iterations thereafter – will ultimately eliminate the need to purchase a phone and a tablet for good. But there’s a snag, and it’s likely to prevent the average Joe ditching their current handset anytime soon.


Samsung Galaxy Fold launch delayed


Galaxy Fold will come in Samsung's trademark colours

Starting at almost AED 7,350, the price point isn’t for the feint of heart. Or light of wallet. It’s almost twice the price of the Galaxy 10 – also announced at Unpacked ’19 – so mainstream adoption is unlikely early on. What’s more likely to happen, is that Galaxy Fold will become a status piece until Samsung is able to find a way to reduce production costs.

Still, the new foldable tech is definitely the shot in the arm that smartphone market needs. With sales dwindling worldwide and tech companies running out of ideas to inspire consumers, Samsung has struck at the right time.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Middle East release date is still TBA, but it launches in other territories on April 26.

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