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Solardo: “We First Met David Guetta on his Private Jet”

Words by Nathan Irvine

The house music duo are playing an exclusive set at The Penthouse at Five Palm Jumeirah.

Born out of Manchester, England comes Solardo. Mark Richards and James Eliot continue to shake up the house music scene with their own funky sounds and are a regular fixture on the party scene.

This Thursday, March 7 at The Penthouse At Five Palm Jumeirah, the duo will be rocking the decks as part of a free-entry event.

We got to pick their brains before the gig to find out about what makes them tick.

What do people always guess wrong about the music industry?

People usually think being in the music industry means easy money. I’ve worked loads of other jobs before, and although the rewards are higher in music, the amount of work that we do is ridiculous.  – We’re often working 24 hours a day.

For instance, we were on tour in America for a month and then flew back to the UK for a couple of days. We then went on to Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. We’ve been everywhere. We flew in from Barcelona to get here and we’re off to Oxford again tomorrow.

It is a lot of travelling, but very little down time. We’ll do a gig and then we have to leave, you don’t even get to see the city.

You’re literally just there, you do a gig and try to get some sleep before you head straight to the airport. If you do have some down time, you’re usually in the studio making music to be relevant. The rewards are indeed incredible, but there is a lot of work that goes into it.

Who would your dream collaboration be with and why?

Well in terms of making music with, there are a few artists who I like, and they’ll be cool to make tunes with. But we’re always happy to do our own thing.  We do get offers to collaborate with loads of different people though. We’d love to work with Diplo though.

How do the crowds differ here from the other countries you’ve played?

The set is so electric, and the crowd is always amped at whatever venue we find ourselves in the UAE. We’re looking forward to playing at The Penthouse. There are some really die-hard fans in the region and it’s fantastic to see how music travels across the globe.



Solardo DJs that don't take themselves too serious. We're all for it

How is Sola going for you guys? What separates your label from the rest?

Quite simply, it is amazing. It’s the third highest sell-out and the ninth highest selling label on Beatport. On Spotify, it does incredibly well. We are very happy it’s going really well.

We’ve got loads of massive releases coming up from loads of big artists and labels. We never expected it to be like this, so we are over the moon.

What’s the most fun part of doing what you do?

There have been loads of amazing memories. One that comes to mind is when we played in Brazil recently at some festivals and they know how to really party out there. I’d do it all again, it’s something we didn’t expect being from Manchester. We thought we’ll just have a few shows here and there. It turned out to be pretty amazing!

Another time, when we were in L.A., we got a phone call from David Guetta asking us if we want to come over to the studio. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it as we were busy getting ready for a show.

However, we were both playing in Vegas, so he just said to meet him at his executive airport on his private jet, and we’ll go from there. That was just very, very surreal.

And the worst part?

Well, I used to do dubstep years ago. I first started out doing dub-step in 1999 and that made my career in music really.

I was one of the first guys who started the movement and I did it for about 12 years. When the market dropped on dubstep as it’s quite niche music, I went from being a touring DJ to a non-touring DJ and that was when work completely dried up.

I went from travelling the world to not getting any bookings whatsoever. So then I just had to focus on new genres of music and luckily it has worked out again.

Finally, what words of advice would you have for someone looking to emulate your career?

Never ever give up. Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith that to get ahead in your career. If you want it, you’ll get it, but you have to really work at it.


Solardo are playing an exclusive set at The Penthouse at Five Palm Jumeirah on March 7

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