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CarTesla Model Y SUV Will Be Revealed Soon

Words by Nathan Irvine

The highly anticipated electric SUV will be unveiled in LA on March 14 says Elon Musk.

It’s been quite the week for Tesla. Not only has the electric car manufacturer cut the price of the Model S and X, but it has also – via Elon Musk – confirmed the Model Y will be unveiled on March 14.

The SUV has been rumoured for years, but in a statement on Twitter, Musk confirmed that it’ll finally be unveiled at Tesla’s LA Design Studio.



Tesla The Model Y will share a lot of the tech from the Model 3

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As expected, the Model Y will share a lot of the architecture from the Model 3. Musk says that it will be “10% bigger, so 10% more expensive” – so we’re looking at a cool AED 308,000 when it arrives in the Middle East.

Those that are lucky enough to be at the unveiling are also in for a treat. Tesla plans to give the very first test drives of its new SUV at the show. Further details and final specifications will also be revealed on March 14.

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