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The 7 best bits from the new series of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Words by Rob Chilton

Jerry Seinfeld has returned for an 11th series of his deceptively simple Netflix show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and EDGAR sat down with a double espresso and blasted through all 11 episodes. Seinfeld, a hugely respected father figure of modern comedy, is a joy to watch and shows no sign of losing his comic skills. He recently played a series of gigs in London which The Times comedy critic called “astounding.” Here are the highlights of the freshly-brewed new episodes of CCC.


Jamie Foxx does Robert Downey Jr.

Funny, slick and charismatic, Jamie Foxx steals the show in his episode and confirms his status as a supreme all-round entertainer. Whether it’s impressions of LeBron James, Robert Downey Jr. and Denzel Washington, cracking gags with perfect timing, breaking into song, or telling fascinating anecdotes such as the one about when he won the Oscar for Ray, Foxx is a showbiz tour de force.

Jamie Foxx on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Jamie Foxx steals the show

Ricky Gervais gets awkward

Free speech, the Holocaust, racism – whenever Ricky Gervais is on screen or on stage you know it’s going to be a knuckle-chewing ride of uncomfortable winces and should-I-be-laughing-at-this? moments. His episode of CCC is no different as he and Seinfeld try to out-gag each other while driving a Rolls-Royce in the most laugh-packed instalment of the new series. In fact, there are so many laughs Gervais earns himself two episodes.



Ricky Gervais on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Seinfeld and Gervais buy pastries

Seinfeld loses his temper

The charmingly self-deprecating cabaret star Bridget Everett – and her dog – bring warmth and personality to this knockabout episode. But the headline moment comes when the usually even-tempered Seinfeld goes ballistic about a rival comedian who once bad-mouthed him in the press. As Everett sits in uncomfortable, grinning silence, Seinfeld launches a tirade of insults about the comedian’s act. Sadly the object of Seinfeld’s ire is bleeped out but online rumours suggest it could be Bobcat Goldthwait.

Bridget Everett on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Awkward moments with Bridget Everett

Seth Rogen drops a Bill Cosby bombshell

This episode features two remarkable anecdotes from the Superbad actor and writer: one funny one about Will Ferrell and Prince at an awards ceremony and a second, shocking tale about the moment Rogen learned of the Bill Cosby rape allegations. The story stops the episode dead in its tracks and Seinfeld’s stunned facial expression is quite something.

Seth Rogen on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Rogen checks out his ride

Eddie Murphy hints at comedy comeback

While most episodes of the new series hit the 15-minute mark, the opening show featuring comedy icon Eddie Murphy deservedly receives 45 minutes. You might think Murphy would be a 100mph whirlwind of madcap energy and there are touches of that (see his hilarious impression of Mike Tyson) but this episode mostly sees a surprisingly thoughtful Murphy talking about starting out with Seinfeld in stand-up in the 1970s, fatherhood, family, his feud with Bill Cosby and bombing on stage. Most excitingly, he also hints at a return to stand-up comedy.

Eddie Murphy on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Murphy and Seinfeld relive the old days

Welcome to the Martin Short show

The veteran comedian and stage star Martin Short begins his episode by saying he hasn’t had coffee yet, but he soon makes up for it with a caffeinated one-man show of showbiz stories, impressions, funny voices and physical gags that has Seinfeld keeling over in fits of laughter more than once.

Martin Short on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Cracking up with Martin Short

Melissa Villaseñor nails Sandra Bullock

The Saturday Night Live star’s episode is probably the weakest of the new series as she freezes and nervously giggles throughout, perhaps in awe of Seinfeld. However, it is worth watching for her two impressions of Kristen Wiig and Sandra Bullock – spot on and very funny.


Melissa Villaseñor and Seinfeld - where's the coffee?

The new series of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is on Netflix now.


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