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FoodThe Lighthouse review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Lighting the way to breakfast goodness.

Pastries. That’s the first thing you should order from The Lighthouse’s breakfast menu. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

On our trip to one of Dubai Design District’s favourite hangout spots, we tried the moist and moreish cinnamon roll and the fruit Danish. Both are big enough to share, but it’s unlikely that you will want to. Yes, they’re that good.

It’s the perfect start to our morning at the restaurant who’s reputation is quickly growing. The light and airy space, with chilled tunes and friendly staff is the perfect way to clear that fuzzy morning brain.

What doubles as a shop that sells Aesop products and the like, The Lighthouse restaurant has a packed menu for morning, noon or night that contains something for everyone. Just like those delicious pastries we mentioned.

Onwards to the main part of breakfast and we plump for that healthy breakfast staple of avocado on toast and the somewhat extravagant scrambled eggs with truffle.

The Lighthouse’s spin on the avo toast is that you can have it with your choice of eggs. So as well as the tasty Campaillou bread, labneh and cranberry, you can mix things up and fried, scrambled or poached perched on top. We don’t like to break tradition, so opt for the latter.

What’s obvious upon every mouthful is the care and attention that The Lighthouse puts into its dishes. There’s no one ingredient jockeying for attention on the rustic bread. In fact, it all comes together brilliantly.

The avocado toast is a winner, so what of the scrambled eggs and truffle?

In Pictures. Breakfast time

Photos. The Lighthouse

Top-down shot of a selection of mini pastries that include a plain croissant, pain au chocolat, fruit Danish.


Supplied No, seriously, you need to try the pastries.

top down shot of avocado on toast on a blue plate and with silver fork next to it.


Supplied No, seriously, you need to try the pastries.


Supplied Avo on toast - the fitness world's breakfast staple of choice.

Top down shot of a bowl of homemade granola with three dollops of Greek yoghurt.


Supplied A delicious bowl of homemade granola with Greek yoghurt and honey.

Trufle shuffle

Again, it’s on point.

Sure, the truffle is a fairly elaborate choice of topping for what is essentially a basic breakfast dish, but it works. The scrambled eggs were cooked well, and are served up without that watery residue that often ruins them.

We were worried the truffle would dominate the flavour stakes, but are pleased to report that it works well. So much so that we wondered how we ever went this long before trying the mix.

To bookend our three-course breakfast, our waitress recommended the French toast. Clearly this is signature that The Lighthouse is proud of. And with good reason, too.

The hearty slice of perfectly toasted brioche comes with a fruit compote that compliments the sugary goodness well.

We’ll definitely head back up to The Lighthouse – maybe a little later in the day to try its diverse afternoon/evening menu.

If the food on offer is anywhere near as good as the breakfast then we’ll be in for a treat. Until next then, we’ll just reminisce about those delightful pastries.


The Lighthouse
Where: Dubai Design District
Tel: +9714 422 6024
Web: www.thelighthouse.ae

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