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Tips and Myths for Thinning Hair in Dubai

Words by EDGAR Daily

If you’re reading this you belong to the unlucky few blessed with thinning hair.

We set out to find a few hairstyles for men with thinning hair, and stopped at Julian’s Barbershop – one of the oldest barbershops in Dubai. Here are Julian’s tips for men with thinning hair:

  • Don’t fight it, embrace it
    The first step is the hardest to digest. Don’t worry too much about your thinning hair. People don’t care. They are too worried about their own lives! The more you try to hide it and cover it up – the more conscious you are about it and you would draw attention to it. If you don’t care you carry yourself with a lot more confidence.
  • Keep it short
    For thinning hair a big mistake lot of guys make is that they grow the front and top out long, especially if they are receding at the temples. This is to try and cover it up – and it works out against them. I would definitely say keep it cropped and short. You don’t need to grow it long and brush it back. Keep it short and brush it forward with a small puff.
  • Widow’s peak mistake
    If your thinning or receding at your temples – the first instinct is to grow out a fringe to compensate for the lack of hair up there. Don’t. Crop it back to make it a neat square.
  • Go all the way
    If it’s really thin. Shave it off. But get creative with your facial hair. Grow out a mustache, get some stubble going heck – get a big beard if you want to.
  • Lastly
    However all hope is not lost. There are two products approved by the FDA. One is a topical spray and one is a tablet. So you can look into those things. But be careful because these work on your hormones.



The water in Dubai:

A lot of men think the water in Dubai makes them grow bald. But they are going bald in places where man genetically grows bald. You don’t thin on the sides of your head or at the back. It’s not product or the water.

Also stop blaming your dad. Genetically, thinning hair usually comes from your mother’s side than your father’s side. So stop blaming your dad. It’s about 60% from the mum’s side.

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