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Tech and Gaming

Top 5 features of the upcoming Apple iOS updates

Words by Nathan Irvine

These are the new tricks coming to an Apple device near you this fall.

Dark mode, multitasking fluidity, file app organising and much more is about to be added to the Apple devices. Set to land this fall at the same time as the new smartphone, iOS 13, watchOS 6 and the brand-new iPad OS will improve your devices immeasurably.

We recently got to view the new features up close and decided these are our favourites.



Apple Pen integration

Golden Gate Bridge being drawn on an Apple iPad Pro with an Apple pen.

Not only will you get Apple Pen editing options in a slick new toolbar, there’s also a number of new ways to use the device. Pull up from the corner, for example, and you’ll get an instant screenshot of whatever you’re looking at. This new method even allows you to capture a whole web page to scroll through and add your annotations, too.


New homescreen

Apple iPad Pro displaying the new Dark Mode and split-screen options.

The image above covers two things: the new Dark Mode that will take the glare off your device and an all-new homescreen. It’s the latter that we’re loving. We’re impressed with the way that it adds another column and row for apps, slides in a section for widgets and still looks roomy.


In-depth Activity reports

Apple Activity app displaying the new trends features present in iOS13.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Activity app was a lack of depth to the reports. But all that will change with watchOS 6. Trends now tracks your progress and gives you feedback on the areas that you need to improve. For example, if you’re daily calorie expenditure slips, you’ll get advice on how to get back on track. Clever.


Noise app

Apple Noise app displaying loud reading in bright yellow.

Further increasing Apple’s attention to health, the Noise app is a simple, but effective addition to Apple Watch. It picks up sounds from all around and gives you a little notification if/when things get too loud. We don’t often consider the health of our ears to be a thing, but at least Apple try to warn you if you’re about to go deaf or not.


Photo storage and editing

Photos menu on iPhone X as shown within iOS 13.

As well as new lighting options for Portrait mode and the ability to string together Live photos so they create a mini video clip, the organisation tools are further improved. You can search via specific years, months and days. It’ll even organise birthday snaps into a folder so you can track the effects that Father Time has had on you.

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