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NewsTough Mudder Returns to the UAE Very Soon

Words by Edgar Daily

The world's toughest obstacle race is heading back to the Middle East in March so we talk to a Tough Mudder fanatic about what makes the event so appealing

No sooner have you managed to get the dirty stains out of your kit from the last one in December, a new Tough Mudder appears on the horizon.

Actually, there are four new obstacle races coming up in the UAE during 2019. The calendar starts on March 1 in Ras Al Khaimah, there’s another in Dubai in April and the final two come at the end of the year in Abu Dhabi and Dubai again. If you did take part in the one at the end of 2018, don’t worry about repetition as Tough Mudder promises some fresh challenges to test your mettle.

There’s Black Widow that forces you across a web of tightropes suspended over water. And Leap of Faith that involves a huge jump over a filthy pool to a cargo net on the other side. We’re not sure about you, but we’re exhausted just thinking about them.

Someone who won’t be daunted by any of this is Michael Wohlfart. The self-styled Tough Mudder fanatic is hooked on the competition and has run over 75 races already. We sat down with him to try to find out why…


Tough Mudder Michael Wohlfart


You’ve ticked off 75+ Tough Mudders. Are you addicted?

No question. Doing 25 Tough Mudders a year is not normal, so you can say I’m definitely addicted. Each Tough Mudder is completely different and finishing a race is a really good feeling that I just can’t get enough of

How many pairs of trainers have you ruined doing TMs?

I usually need two pairs for a Tough Mudder weekend, so I have a fresh pair for each day

Where was your first TM?

It was in 2014 in Arnsberg, Germany. I had heard a lot about Tough Mudder and knew it was a renowned event. I was a little nervous but as soon as I arrived at the event the adrenaline kicked in and I was excited to get started.

Which was your hardest race?

Last year in England, I had the crazy idea to do my 50th race blind-folded – it was really tough. You might think the obstacles were the problem but that wasn’t the case. Despite being guided by my team mates I got motion sick during the running passages and that really gave me a hard time, but in the end it was a valuable experience.

Is there a TM community of people you hang out with? 

We have a Mudder Guide team of around 30 people who met at different Tough Mudder events. We organise a season ending party every year and go on vacation together – they are my second family.

Has anybody done more TM races than you? 

There are not many who have more headbands than me but I’m not the only Tough Mudder addict in the world. In the US, there are some Mudders with 100+ events under their belts.

Do you think one day you will reach the 100 mark?

Absolutely! I plan on completing my 100th race in September 2019.


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