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New Under Armour HOVR has a Built-In Personal Trainer

Words by Nathan Irvine

Bluetooth tech is built into the shoe for seamless connectivity to the MapMyRun app.

Under Armour is set to stride ahead of the competition in the running shoe game. Its signature HOVR sneaker is now fitted with the Record Sensor™ and tracks a bunch of metrics as you bound around in them.

The information is then fed back into MapMyRun™ app where, like a personal trainer, it’ll give you feedback on how you perform. Armed with this, you can then set about adjusting your stride and the like to become a champ.

Under Armour HOVR built-in Personal Trainer


Under Armour The Velociti 2

Under Armour’s latest HOVR collection has five different variations, most of which are available now. The Guardian, Sonic, Velociti 2 (out April), Phantom and Infinite all come with the Bluetooth enabled device installed.

They also cater to all levels of runner. Expect extra cushioning and sole saving designs that will help you along the way. So whether you’re seasoned athlete or a complete novice, you’ll find a shoe within the collection that will carry you to the finish line.


Under Armour’s new HOVR range – except the Velociti 2 (April) is available at stores across the UAE now

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