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Unseen Moscow photographs in new Louis Vuitton book

Words by Rob Chilton

Acclaimed Russian architect Alexei Ginzburg is your expert guide to Moscow in a carefully-curated and alternative new travel book from Louis Vuitton.

Alexei Ginzburg’s Muscovite credentials are pretty solid. Born in Moscow 50 years ago, the top architect studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute where he is now a professor and is also the vice-president of the Union of Moscow Architects. The winner of several awards for his building projects in Moscow, Ginzberg clearly has deep roots in the Russian capital.

A suite at the Kempinski Hotel with the Kremlin in the background.


A view of the Kremlin from a suite at the Kempinski Hotel

His expertise and passion for Moscow has been poured into a new travel book that will be published by Louis Vuitton later this autumn. With accompanying photographs by Pascal Aimar, the guide takes visitors on a unique tour of the city. The Moscow edition is one of a series released on October 17 (AED 122 or AED 40 per destination via the app) that also includes fresh guides to Beijing, Lisbon, Tokyo, London, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Paris and San Francisco.

The display at the Gastronom No.1 store in the Goum shopping arcade.


The display at the Gastronom No.1 store in the Goum shopping arcade

First published in 1998, Louis Vuitton’s collectable books offer a carefully-curated catalogue of restaurants, hotels, landmarks, walking tours, neighbourhoods, galleries and museums, markets, antique shops and secret places that only a city insider knows. The guest also offers suggestions for books, films or songs to consume before and during your trip to the city. Take a look below at the Moscow that Alexei Ginzburg knows and loves.

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