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TechValve Index VR headset is out in June

Words by Nathan Irvine

Virtual insanity.

Valve, the American video game developer and publisher, has shown announced its virtual reality headset. Named, Index, it’s set to be announced at a conference in May. It will then arrive in stores from June 15.

Details about the actual unit are thin on the ground at the moment. Well, other than the very brief, leaked information. But what we can tell you is this piece of kit will have integrated headphones and will come with Valve’s “Knuckles” controllers.

Valve Index VR


Valve The Knuckles are being renamed as Valve Index Controllers

Future proof?

With the might and money that Valve has at its disposal to deliver a long-lasting VR experience on PC, it’s well positioned to drag us by the eye balls into future. And while we’re cautiously optimistic about Index we can’t help but think of the competitors that have come and gone.

The high cost of entry was always the big reason why VR gaming was never fully embraced by the mass market. But the virtual goalposts have moved.

Now with wonderful 4K and 8K TVs delivering photo-realistic images, it’s hard to justify slapping a headset on for visuals that pale by comparison.

Valve needs to provide a very good case for us to adopt VR fully with Index. We’ll see on May 1 if it has what it takes to win over the virtual reality naysayers.


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