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Vans’ Plans for the UAE

Words by EDGAR Daily

As House of Vans Dubai comes to a close, we sat down with George Pedrick, the PR Manager at Vans EMEA on the company’s plans for the UAE

All right, so what are you guys up to? What’s happening with House of Vans?

We’re here because of the demand we’ve had for the brand from the community in Dubai. I think it’s pretty evident that Vans is a popular brand here judging by the sign ups that we’ve had for the two days here at House of Vans. We had 840 sign ups for Thursday and 1,400 for Friday.

The skate clinics and demos are sold out. We love that the local community is participating and immersing themselves in the culture of Vans and that’s what House of Vans is all about. It’s basically the physical manifestation of the brand.

The event is based around our four pillars: action sports, street culture, art and music. We got a strong list of music talent, art and photography we have everything here.



Do you think House of Vans will become a regular occurrence in the UAE?

For sure. We’re definitely going to return. We will be supporting this region a lot more. It’s an emerging market and an exciting market for the brand. We’ve had great success over the past few years with the brand and now we will be bringing the culture a bit more to the region. I’m sure House of Vans will return. We’ll be back.

Vans have collaborated with a lot of designers and brands internationally, what are the chances that Vans Middle East will collaborate with a local designer here in the region for a drop?

Oh a 100%. Why not? If they are the right fit for the brand and fit with the DNA yeah why not. We collaborate in every other market, so why not the Middle East? I think there’s definitely scope for that. We’re a brand that’s open arms to everyone, but not for everyone. From what I see there are a few cool brands and artists coming through.

Yeah, there are some wicked designers here do amazing stuff.

As a brand we’re a super open minded. If you look at whom we’ve collaborated with in the past, we have certain levels of tiering with how we distribute the products – we’ve done collaborations with unknown skate brands within a small country on countless occasions. We’re not afraid to work with the unknown or the up and comers – we definitely want to support.

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