LG's new 65-inch TV is the world's thinnest ever

At just 2.6mm thick, LG's new OLED screen is slimmer than your smartphone.

Meryl D'Souza January 8, 2017

It’s the new year. It’s time for you to make a better version of yourself. At least, that’s what you will tell yourself in January as you run as much as you can and order healthy food only to succumb to your old routines by mid-Feburary. 

The tech world too is in this phase where year-on-year it wants you to go for thinner gadgets. In an over-crowded world, the Silicon Valley gods want you to have as much space as possible. 

LG is no different from the other tech giants working towards a thinner future. However, the Korean corporation stands out when it comes to the TV market. 

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, LG unveiled its all-new Signature W7 Series of OLED screens that are just 2.6mm thick, making it the thinnest TV the world's ever seen. To put that into perspective, not only is LG’s new TV thinner than your iPhone 7 (7.1mm thick), it’s thinner than four stacked up credit cards.

Since OLED TVs don’t require the same amount of backlighting – and thus space – as LED TVs, LG’s flagship TV is a two-part system with a display unit and a Dolby Atmos-powered soundbar that moonlights as the TV’s hub. A single wire connects the screen to the technical components.

The trade-off? The TV can’t be placed on a table with a stand. Instead, the TV will be hung on a wall with the help of magnets. To take advantage of its flagship’s 4K capabilities – and to cover up for its inability to run Android TV or Chromecast – LG has partnered with Netflix and Amazon Video.

Word is that the TV will start shipping in February, so don’t expect it to hit our shores until late March. Although LG has not revealed pricing for its W7-series, we imagine the world's thinnest TV could also be the most expensive.