The 10 biggest risks facing the world today

And yes Donald Trump is one of them.

Neil Churchill March 23, 2016

While Donald Trump’s campaign trail has continued on its steam-rolling path, the outside world has watched on as bemused as it is alarmed at the increasing likeliness he will be the Republican party’s nomination to the White House.

And it appears that those concerned have a very good reason to be. Trump, the potential future president of the United States, has been named as one of the top 10 global risks facing the world today.

In a global risk assessment by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the billionaire businessman was ranked the sixth most dangerous risk facing the human race. The EIU described him as having the potential to disrupt the global economy and heighten security risks in the US if he becomes president. 

Trump’s position in the table labels him a bigger global threat than if the UK leaves the European Union, or a clash of arms in the South China Sea. With a rating of 12 out of 25, Trump was ranked equally as big a risk as the rising threat of jihadi terrorism destabilising the global economy. 

"Thus far Mr Trump has given very few details of his policies – and these tend to be prone to constant revision," the EIU said.

"He has been exceptionally hostile towards free trade, including notably NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement], and has repeatedly labelled China as a 'currency manipulator'."

The EIU also warned that Trump’s strong language towards China and Mexico could ‘escalate rapidly into a trade war’.

Elsewhere on the list – which in case you forgot is a ranking of the top 10 risks facing the world today - there are no other individuals. The biggest risk, with a score of 20, is China’s economy experiencing a hard landing.

A new cold war ignited by Russia’s interventions in Ukraine and Syria is ranked next alongside an emerging markets corporate debt crisis. The risk of the EU starting to fracture after a 'Grexit' and a future oil price shock were also on the list.

The international scale of the other risks on the EIU's report puts into perspective how disruptive Trump's rhetoric has been during his campaign. It’s hard to believe, never mind absolutely bonkers, that in today’s society one of the front-runners to be the leader of the free world is also one of the top 10 global risks.

But if you’re starting to get worried, the silver lining is the EIU does not expect Trump to beat Hillary Clinton, who it believes is the favourite to become the next US president. Let’s hope so. Although, Trump and Clinton are friends, aren't they