What’s in the wardrobe of Hugo Taylor?

EDGAR met with the sunglasses entrepreneur to find out.

Robert Chilton June 15, 2017

Hugo Taylor is one half of the sunglasses brand Taylor Morris. Along with his pal and business partner Charlie Morris, the two ambitious young Brits have seen their bold designs on many famous faces. Hugo spoke to EDGAR about his personal style portfolio.

Where do you get your suits from?
I get some from Huntsman on Savile Row in London – it’s a special, once every four years kind of place. But then I have a friend who runs Guards of London 1843. He was a tailor on Savile Row but got forced out by the prices. I like to support young independent talent. 

What watch do you wear?
A Mount Royal; it was a gift from my dad. I absolutely love skeleton watches. Anyone can buy a Rolex but as you get older I think you become less brand orientated and you want something more original. I've got my eye on a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso watch next. 

What jeans brand do you buy?
H&M – cheap as chips! They're the best fit and they're about AED 100. I only wear black jeans and so the colour fades after a couple of months and I just buy a new pair. I was spending about AED 1,600 on Ralph Lauren RRL jeans and they were lasting the same amount of time as the ones from H&M.

Are you a shoe addict?
I'm obsessed by shoes and I have so many pairs of slippers. I like a British company called Arthur Sleep, which are great. I like Galet too and an Australian company called Eve & Kane who do really bright slippers in leopard print.

Do you have any sentimental pieces in your wardrobe?
There's a cool store on King’s Road in London called Wild Ones that does a lot of Native American jewellery. My girlfriend buys me something from there for every Christmas and birthday. I'm obsessed by Keith Richards so she sees what he wears and buys me something similar.

What’s your most worn item of clothing?
Belstaff black leather jackets – I have eight of them. My mum thinks they all look the same. I love the branding, their sense of adventure, the construction, the quality, and they're slightly longer in the arm, which is good for a tall guy like me. 

What’s the brand you value above all others?
Ralph Lauren is my hero. I have more checked shirts from Ralph Lauren than you could possibly imagine, maybe 50. As he comes to the end of his tenure it'll be interesting to see if the label carries on as a family business. Ralph Lauren is obsessed about film and escapism, which I find interesting. It’s amazing to think he started out selling ties in a Bloomingdale’s pop-up.

How do you feel about shopping?
Ugh, I hate it. I find a brand I like and just go back to the same place over and over again.

What about online shopping?
[Laughs] For a tall guy like me? Impossible!