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Sport20 iconic footballers who became managers

Photography by Various sources

A look at the pros who retired in the Noughties that went on to try their hands at coaching a team... with mixed success.

Footballers who became managers


A lot of ex-footie professionals like to talk a good game when they’re sat in the comfort of a TV studio. As pundits, they can aim lasers at those in the dugout without ever feeling the kind of stress that’d make even the most hirsute manager bald.

One such critic is former Manchester United and England star, Paul Scholes. Since he hung up his boots, he transformed from one of the quietest footballers in the business to a frothing mouthpiece-for-hire. He was particularly critical of the managers that tried, and failed, to fill Sir Alex Ferguson’s shoes at Old Trafford. But this is all set to change.

You see, Scholes recently made his debut as Oldham Athletic manager in England’s fourth-tier. He bagged a 4-1 home victory, which is a great start. However, with the whole world watching, especially those that felt his post-match scorn the most, the pressure is on.

So with that in mind, we take a look at the stars of football in the 2000s that have since retired and attempted to cut it in the dugout.

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