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Rock stars who were seriously rocking

Brawling with biker gangs, 50-foot stage dives and setting fire to the Playboy Mansion: these are the craziest rock stars still alive today.

5 top restaurants worth flying to Doha for

The 1-hour flight from the UAE is time well spent for dinner at one of these venues.

WATCH: 6 best Super Bowl 2015 adverts

Expect fast cars, Victoria’s Secret Angels and a pouting Kim Kardashian in this year’s $9 million-per-minute Super Bowl ads.


Keep it slim: 5 ultra-thin watches for a classy look

For an elegant timepiece that fits under the cuff, these are five of the best.


Was the US nuclear launch code really “00000000″?

The frighteningly simple code that could have led to a nuclear holocaust.

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Editor's Pick

Football’s most dangerous rivalries

Riots, flares and fierce fighting: Three of the most vicious rivalries in football, and the compelling stories of how they came to be.

Custom watches: the only timepieces that are truly unique

If a customised watch is good enough for Sheikh Khalifa, it’s good enough for us all…

The epic photography of Gérard Rancinan

From the visually stunning to the downright bizarre, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Gérard Rancinan

Man Skills: How to pick the perfect steak for you

Do you know which cut of beef is the juiciest? Or which is the most flavoursome? Here’s everything you need to know to become a steak aficionado.



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