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4 Dubai tailors that you need to know about

You can’t beat a good tailored suit, but where are the best places to get one from? Read on to find out…


The world’s most amazing abandoned places

PHOTOS: Lose yourself in the magical, mysterious world of these abandoned scenes – the places that mother nature claimed back for herself.

Should you buy flights at the last minute?

Are last-minute deals all they’re cracked up to be or simply a myth from a bygone era? Here’s everything you need to know to beat the airlines.


Introducing a gamechanger

The first ever Lincoln MKC is set to change the world of motoring. Find out how you can WIN one for the weekend.


Miss World through the years

We have a new Miss World, but how does she stack up against the previous winners? We look back over the most stunning entrants from her lifetime.

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10 sumptuous Christmas meals for those in the UAE this December

Spending Christmas in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Try one of these restaurants.

Liar liar: the science behind why we fib

EDGAR investigates how to tell if someone’s lying to you, and the trick to beating a polygraph.

Why you won’t be a billionaire until you’re 70

The ages of the world’s billionaires reads like a list of the world’s richest grandparents.

Is a Patek Philippe really worth the money?

It’s the most famous watchmaker in the world, but is buying a Patek Philippe a wise investment?



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