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Exclusive EDGAR event: a gentleman’s evening with Reiss

The invite-only event will see 90 VIPs and three Aston Martins come together at the British Embassy.

9 reasons why people who play sport are successful in business

What you learn on the field can be amazing for your career.

Are windowless planes the future?

New technology could see windows replaced with OLED screens, but is it really a good idea?


40 years ago today, Muhammad Ali rocked the world

VIDEO: October 30 will forever be linked to the Rumble in the Jungle.


A tropical cyclone is heading for Oman – here’s what you need to know

8 things to know before Cyclone Nilofar hits land.

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Editor's Pick

25 things UAE newbies can learn from seasoned residents

Once you’ve been in the country a few years, it’s your responsibility to pass on these nuggets of wisdom…

How much should you tip in the Middle East?

An easy infographic guide to explain the minefield of tipping.

30 Inspirational quotes from 30 inspirational people

From Steve Jobs to Mahatma Gandhi, prepare to be inspired.

5 reasons why Dubai’s new supercar ambulance is actually a good idea

Why using a 300km/h Lotus Evora as an ambulance is much more than just a publicity stunt.



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