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#DXBExperiments Presents Escape In: What to expect

Words by Gareth Kurt Warren

#DXBExperiments returns for a 4th edition following the success of Murder Mystery and The Garden.

If you’ve missed #DXBExperiments’ Murder Mystery and The Garden, make sure you don’t miss Escape In. Known for its random and awesome themed nights, #DXBExperiments Escape In is a pop up activation running for a limited time only on Thursdays and Fridays starting February 28, at On42 in the Media One Hotel in Media City.

So what’s it all about?

Visitors to On42 have to get through a mini-escape room to get into the party. You literally have to ‘Escape’ into the venue.

You can choose between any of the four doors and complete the challenges in the rooms they lead to.

We had a sneak preview of the experience last night. Our first room included a fair amount of mathematics and our team needed to work together to get through. Luckily we had a brainiac on the team and we managed to scrape through before our four minute timer chimed.

Once you’re in the party, that’s where the experiences kicks off to another level. There’s live entertainment from 7pm onwards, snacks, drummers, dancing and loads of good music. If you like, you can always step back out and try another room.

Our favourite (and toughest) was the first door from the left. It was a blind, feel-around challenge that we really suggest you try out.

If you are used to escape rooms in Dubai, Escape In isn’t much of a test. It’s more of a fun, light-hearted experience to work your way through before you get to the party on the other side.

Escape In will be open to the public from 28th February running for four weeks only every Thursday and Friday from 7PM. Drinks will start from AED40.

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